Note materials of Hardwood kitchen cabinets when you choose and buy

Modern home decoration, solid wood cabinets of Hardwood kitchen cabinets occupy the high-end consumer key battleground, however most people in choose and buy the wooden cabinet, often only look at style and plate.

Material mahogany kitchen decoration effect

And for other details a little knowledge about ambry quality or indifference. Actually natural trees after saw cutting, became to make ambry use of timber, after drying the moisture content of wood left after drying oven it is not a constant,

It will be in the process of transportation, storage, production constant moisture absorption and desorption, even after a perfect painting became a moisture absorption and desorption behavior does not stop, just due to the effect of blocking of the paint, 

Makes the moisture absorption and desorption of Hardwood kitchen cabinets becomes relatively slowly, cause cabinet size change is no longer so strongly, and wood quality and surface coating cracking caused by structure. 

Therefore, wooden cabinets, especially the choose and buy solid wood cabinets, wood moisture content, film processing, the tendon structure connection, etc are all should be more careful. 

Consumers to reflect to the reporter, oneself real wood floor is still not enough for one year, cracking phenomenon occurs, but oneself also pretty pay attention to the protection of at ordinary times, how can appear this phenomenon? 

Some actually not only is real wood floor, solid wood cabinets, doors and Windows etc. Also of Hardwood kitchen cabinets can appear this phenomenon, this phenomenon is caused by the most direct reason is the moisture content of wood. Normally, 

Hardwood kitchen cabinets lumber itself contains certain moisture, so before making cabinets are drying processes, it is known, however, drying has to follow certain standard, even if the ambry of the moisture content of timber and use area is consistent with the average moisture content of the atmosphere.

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