The disposable chopsticks should be used within six months in Kitchen Granite Sacramento

According to reporter observed, is now used by most fast food disposable chopsticks are not marked production date and shelf life, and they are outside of the envelope or paper, or plastic, chopsticks only printed on the jacket most hotel name, specialty, Telephone, there are also similar to the "sterile", "health and safety" in the words in Kitchen Granite Sacramento, but there is no chopsticks manufacturers name and address, and labeled shelf life and production date is hard to find.

As for street snack bar, there is a lot more naked chopsticks, which is directly inserted in the disposable chopsticks tube where there are some plus cylinder cover, while others are not even covered, any guests free access These street shops, some of which are directly facing the road, dust many.

For those who cover the chopstick cover, often because the guests take the finished chopstick readily cover in Kitchen Granite Sacramento, while the cover is not tight, there was contamination of the suspects. But insiders revealed that even those who have disposable chopsticks envelope also likely to add up their own stores of late.

Because there are more than the bare chopsticks packaging disposable chopsticks can be cheaper by about half. The vendors offer free bare chopsticks "complementary" service, which is now a serious problem of disposable chopsticks without marked one of the reasons.

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But he also said that because wooden chopsticks instead of expensive goods, large quantities of daily consumables, estimated date is unlikely, but health problems compared intriguing.

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