How long is the shelf life of the disposable chopsticks of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento?

It is understood that, as early as September this year, China Cuisine Association on the initiative of the national food and beverage companies and consumers to reduce their use of disposable chopsticks. They reminded, in place of the repeated use of disinfection than disposable chopsticks chopsticks-type safety of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento. Moreover, disposable chopsticks are best used within six months after production because of long time storage easy to breed bacteria.

But for chopsticks also have shelf life that not only consumers, even the restaurant is aware of them small. Reporters in the gourmet interview, interviewed several diners and restaurants responsible people, including patrons Mr. Wang said: "I have always been not noticed time limit for use of disposable chopsticks, and many street of small noodle shop wooden chopsticks are No outer packaging directly inserted in the chopstick inside, want to also cannot see. "

As and Mr. Wang came with Ms. Chung said:" Now the disposable wooden chopsticks, especially fast food restaurant food delivery noon sent wooden chopsticks, or is the slightest kind of thin, without any text descriptions transparent plastic bags; either the factory or a fast food restaurant in addition to the name, address, telephone later had nothing there, are they not written shelf life. "

The combination cabinet is very good

The reporter asked this question to the restaurant when the responsible person carelessly said: "In fact, the high frequency of use of wooden chopsticks, so the circulation soon, a group of chopsticks arrival here there will soon run out, it should be difficult expired?”

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