You must not use ice kitchen sinks in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Vegetables in the kitchen sink at the bad: Close to the sewer, it is inevitable that the growth of bacteria in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento. And oil residue after dishwashing, will stick in the inner wall of the pool, even if we wash it clean, there will be a number.

The pool is very large, more waste water fills half.

Round trays inconveniences: No problem to wash small vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and the like. But when a long strip of green leafy vegetables is not all soak in the pot, there will be a little trouble.

it is inevitable that the growth of bacteria

Many vegetables need to drain water after washing fry, and round pots matching drain basket is circular, dish on the inside, as well as half will be exposed, the water will flow down. √ Oval Trays convenient place: All of the above is that we can avoid the inconvenience.

Kitchen Tips:

1, I suggest that you buy vegetables in pots, you can choose oval, with a drain basket inside, so that the vegetables will be very convenient, but, after use, is relatively easy to incorporate.

2 oval vegetables basin have different size specifications, I personally recommend, do not buy Patricia buy big.

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