We should avoid putting the hot food into the refrigerator in Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

Because hot food is relatively high in calories, fridge, will make the inside temperature rose sharply, while increasing the thickness of the evaporator surface frost, the compressor working hours, power consumption will increase.

First thing to note is that items placed inside the refrigerator, to do both sides of the gap left at 20 cm is appropriate, allow the air to circulate in Hardwood kitchen cabinets, in order to facilitate the refrigerator cooling; followed by placing the food inside the refrigerator, not only do not put anything too much too full nor too empty.

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Other tips

1, the refrigerator should be placed in a cool dark place.

2, do not require refrigeration things, not in the fridge.

3, adjust to the most suitable temperature. Winter refrigerator temperature can be raised, because the outside brought back something that had fewer bacteria.

4, it is recommended refrigerator with plastic wrap to be a small curtain, when the door can reduce air convection.

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