The woks have a knack for the scientific use of kitchen granite selection

Wok is indispensable in our daily life cooking utensils, which not only has a solid, durable, heat evenly and fried, stewed dishes out delicious taste characteristics, and cooking with a wok, but also to increase the iron content of dishes supplement the body iron, iron deficiency anemia and other diseases have a certain effect of kitchen granite selection.

Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends promoting the use of the wok. Although there are many benefits to using the wok, but should not use it to cook bayberry, hawthorn, crabapple and other acidic fruits.

Because these acidic fruits contain acid, iron encountered after the introduction of a chemical reaction, resulting in low iron compounds. Person if you eat these foods, about 1 hour can be nausea of kitchen granite selection, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms, if not timely treatment, the disease can rapidly develop, occur coagulation, hypoxia and other symptoms of severe punishment, or even life-threatening.

The sink is so perfect


Besides iron cook green beans are hanged, because the skins tannic substance contained after the iron can have a chemical reaction to produce black iron tannin, and to become black bean soup, affect its flavor and the body's digestion and absorption.

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