We should note wood moisture content when buying kitchen granite selection

Wooden cabinet of kitchen granite selection especially when solid wood cabinets, and choose and buy if there is no professional detector, consumer is hard to understand the wooden cabinet meets the specified standards. 

However, we cannot because the moisture content cannot be reflected intuitively is ignored the importance of it. Because of the different geographical position, atmospheric average moisture content will have difference, therefore, different regions is different to the moisture content of wooden cabinets requirement, such as the average moisture content of air in Beijing is 11.4%.

And the south region is 14% or so, specific to the ambry of requirements for the local average moisture content is between plus or minus 1, told reporters. Moisture content directly affects the wooden cabinet, especially the quality and use of solid wood cabinet, low moisture content of the wood can absorb the moisture in the air, ambry expansion caused deformation; And the high moisture content, ambry is in danger of cracking. 

Kitchen green glass structure

In general, wooden cabinets, solid wood cabinet especially its moisture content of kitchen granite selection is lower than the average moisture content of local air, best, for instance, 1 to two percent. 

Products in Beijing market, there are a lot of wood from the south, or is in the south to make directly shipped again, it is conceivable that air is humid than the north south, where the lumber moisture content is higher than that of the north, so the wooden cabinets, especially in the south and wood, solid wood kitchen granite selection cabinet must be strict moisture removal processing, among which faces two problems. 

One is construction technology requirements, a is a requirement of cost, if the coordination of two aspects eventually failed to guarantee for the effective treatment for moisture content, southern wooden cabinets in the north is easy to occur in the environment.

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