Lecture 2: Tells you how to choose the Hardwood kitchen cabinets in the right way

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Third, Kitchen Cabinets knowledge 

1, cabinet style Classic Style A teak handle or a line from a teacher in revealing the details of the dedication to quality, kneading and a respect for tradition and a love of modern life. 

Contemporary Firewood or paint panels meet hurry reluctant, but it spend too much time to take care of this part of the people's needs; simple and clean Hardwood kitchen cabinets is the biggest characteristic and charm. 

Pastoral styles Extensive use of wood panels and components, showing exquisite carpentry skills, so that if you enter a country house in general. Full of casual sex, respected natural, the most cherished family warm feeling to meet people. 

Avant-garde style The combination of metal and glass strong color contrast of Hardwood kitchen cabinets is not simply the pursuit for fashion, but in a positive gesture to show self-style is unconventional is the biggest characteristic of this style. 

2, cabinet assembly methods Custom cabinets Custom cabinets are three cupboards in a most flexible choice, usually arranged by the designer, material, style, design all aspects of the freedom most designers too and requirements based on customer preferences, the most reasonable tailor-made cabinets . 

Assemble cabinets The Hardwood kitchen cabinets similar with the ever popular modular furniture parts are relatively independent, and have pre-production. Its advantage is that the price is usually cheaper, the assembly process is simple, but according to the instructions can single-handedly. 

Businesses can be based on the size of the kitchen and internal conditions, to provide you with the most suitable assembly combinations. Semi-assembled cabinets If not personally assembled, or more unique shape of the kitchen, as long as you provide the kitchen area and like materials, styles and colors, vendors and is responsible for assembling the components can be made. 

Its match is very flexible and can be applied thoughtfully limited space.

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