Tell you the right method of kitchen granite selection in Lecture 3

Separate sink elevations

Fourth: the factors when you purchase cabinets. 

1, shop around for the same style, same brand of goods from the quality, price, service and other aspects shall consider. 

2, select consumer satisfaction or service trusted home market. 

3, according to the room size and shape cupboard cabinet has given a straight line, U-shaped, L-shaped design of several methods, many families in the kitchen area is small, the overall dimensions for the kitchen granite selection can design modeling, full use of space, the cabinet housing has become more orderly and methodical. 

4, The environmentally friendly material of test report. 

5, to the merchant or the organizers ask for product warranty card for kitchen granite selection. 

6, convenience, safety principles kitchen is the only use of fire in the area, so the fire resistance of the surface layer of kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets is an important criterion for selection. Regular manufacturers’ cupboard surface material, all use non-combustible or flame-retardant material. 

7, would like to consult the cabinet sales prices marked way. 

8, invoices, contracts must specify the cabinet material, size, quantity, price, amount. 

9, organizers and manufacturers must understand the name, address, contact person, telephone in order to solve quality problems can contact. Five: cabinets’ identification Identification cabinet drawer quality of the merits of the structure from the smattering evident.

When it opened the drawer to close automatically 2 cm about the class structure of the drawer for kitchen granite selection should be combined with a metal roller rails capable of supporting the weight of more than 24 kg is usually supporting the weight. 

Splice, the good cabinets will use the wedge-shaped ten on plus screws to secure the planks engaged position. 

In addition, attention should be bottom drawer thickness, and its use of materials must be thicker than the other parts of the drawer, because this structure in order to allow the drawer to withstand greater weight bottom deformation.

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