The top ten killers in the Hardwood kitchen cabinets

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Inseparable from a variety of gourmet cooking kitchen, but the kitchen may also perilous. 

Pan (Danger level: 5) The most dangerous fire pan, cover the pan in which no greatest risk, preferably with deep wok with lid. In case of fire pans, remember that fire safety measures: First, turn off the heat or power; then cover the pan with a wet towel until the flame extinguished in the Hardwood kitchen cabinets. Avoid the fire pot brought out the kitchen, or on top watering. 

Rag (Danger level: 4) Damp wash cloth or sponge, had not a few weeks corners will rot, which contains more than the number of microorganisms scary, tens of thousands per square centimeter, a dirty rag damp even more than the number of contained bacteria, including toilet bowl anywhere in the room, including the Hardwood kitchen cabinets. 

Frozen Food (Danger level: 4) Once thawed ice cream should be eaten as soon as possible, should not be placed in the freezer again. After thawing the ice cream it is easy to become bacteria "medium." In fact, all should be eating frozen food thawed, do not put it back in the refrigerator. 

Cabinets (Danger level: 3) Cabinet biggest problem is not ventilated, easy to breed a variety of bacteria, odors, which are the main cause diarrhea and other diseases. In addition, many people in the whole cabinet at home but also put a variety of chemicals, such as detergents, sewer agents, strong degreasing agent, will bring harm, especially for children, these places must not put food.

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