The top ten hidden health problems in the kitchen via kitchen granite selection

Green glass washbasins

Microwave (Hazard Class: 3) Liquid food with a microwave oven for heating, the temperature above the boiling point, the food will not necessarily bubbling. Therefore, remove the food; it is easy to accidentally scald by steam. 

In addition, stainless steel, metal container in a microwave oven prone to explosion, is causing a fire. 

Antiseptic Products (Hazard Class: 3) Today, a large number of anti-bacterial disinfectant products flooding the market, but these claims can kill 99% of bacteria chemical agents, it is not so magical. Research shows that the remaining 1% of the surviving bacteria more tenacious vitality, a few hours later, will breed more bacteria. 

Cling film (Danger level: 1) A recent study found that plastic wrap may contain phthalates and other chemical substances, microwave heating will produce carcinogens via kitchen granite selection. For safety reasons, it is best to use glassware or absorbing paper to wrap food. 

Refrigerator (Danger level: 2) between raw and cooked food in the refrigerator bacterial cross-infection probability the largest and most easily pathogenic place. Raw food should be packaged via kitchen granite selection, placed in the freezer at the bottom, to avoid leaking blood from contaminating other foods. Also, be sure to pay attention to food refrigeration period, some of the food is rotting obvious. With plastic food storage food will speed up rate of decay. 

Food Packaging (Danger level: 1) a 2009 report from the European Union, female hormones present in the environment for children, especially boys, pose a great threat to the health. Many ordinary plastic bags, packaging materials on phthalates and other "estrogen chemicals", and canned food packaging plastic wall paint is to cause cancer, reduced sperm count as well as the chief culprit in the imbalance between boys and girls culprit. 

Pesticide Residues (Danger level: 1) Organic farms use "natural fertilizer", herbicides and pesticides have some toxicity, and food must be cleaned.

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