Matters need attention for kitchen granite selection

Wood color wash cabinet beneath cabinets

“Out of the hall, into the kitchen,” is the reputation for modern women, is still full of temptation. 

Kitchen cabinets as an essential component, accounting for the kitchen are about 1/3 of the volume. Nowadays women in the selection of the cabinet, the most concerned about what issues? 

In what ways should we pay more attention to it? The most important environmental standards Since the use of plates is large, the kitchen is the family prone polluted areas. On the current market situation for kitchen granite selection, the cabinets are very serious pollution problems. 

Industry experts have set out the cupboard contaminated all the counts, generally include: formaldehyde, chemical pollution, non-recyclable materials, countertops without antibacterial, using a security risk, and so on. 

“In the kitchen granite selection of the cabinet, there is no simple way to determine whether or not environmental cupboard?” This is a bank clerk questions. In this regard, Eastern states too general manager said that if the cabinet smells the smell, it can be concluded it is not environmentally friendly. 

The main raw material for plywood cabinets and all are from formaldehyde plywood. At present, China has not yet worked out cabinetry environmental standards, but there have been plywood testing standards. 

She reminds consumers in the purchase of cabinets, the cabinets must understand the material which has demanded environmental testing certification, which helps to understand the cupboard environmental protection. 

Practical To humanized design Practical kitchen cabinets can reduce the heavy labor intensity, but also the design and selection of practical or not the core elements of the cabinet. “Cabinet design to be humane, worry and effort to use it, such as practical cabinet table height in kitchen granite selection should be based on the most common home cooking of a person's height to be. 

Countertop is too low, people should have to bow my head; countertops too high, hand and so does not pull its weight. ”Blue Peacock Decoration Design Engineering Co. chief designer Zhang Zhou said.

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