The advantages and disadvantages of various materials of Hardwood kitchen cabinets

Three wash basin and cabinet material below

Now we explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops and by category, to help you correct choice and use and maintenance. 

(A) Advantages: Good workability: the formation of a mesa on the beautiful kitchen, the artificial stone irreplaceable. 

Homogeneity of the same color can be bonded, almost seamless process ability, such as a natural marble, quartz and other materials cannot. Impervious Practicality: artificial stone, also known as polymer materials of Hardwood kitchen cabinets, with cabinet corrosion, anti-penetration performance, more applicable to the cabinet table, favored unreasonable. (It is the natural marble defects for kitchen granite selection). 

No radiation fears: Compared to natural marble, artificial stone no radiation, no adverse effects on the human body. Bright color and rich: rich colors and varied, great choice help designers mix and match to meet individual needs. 

(Two), Cons: Have the patience: Any material artificial stone, metal and other sharp objects cannot stand including planning. 

(Three), artificial stone types: Resin artificial stone: is the most commonly used artificial stone, artificial stone on the market on the cost analysis, belong to the "unsaturated resin plate." Composite artificial stone: due to price factors, are less common, is not very good identification. Whether the content of acrylic composition, need to detect after that, therefore, belong to the company's "integrity."

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