The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel, artificial stone, marble and countertop cabinets in Kitchen Cabinet

Cow pattern marble tile

(A) stainless steel table: Stainless steel countertops clean and bright, the performance is relatively good. 

It is generally in the high density fireproof board surface coupled with a thin layer of stainless steel plate. 

Advantages: sturdy, easy to clean, practical, strong. In recent years, as “European and American integration,” the modern concept of the strong impact of the new cabinets, stainless steel countertops are beautiful and practical response to the combination of cabinets’ trends, make the appropriate improvements.

 The emphasis on “practical” considerations of consumers or consumer favorite metallic is not a bad idea to buy stainless steel countertops. 

Disadvantages: Visual relatively “hard” of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento is giving the “cold” feeling. 

In the cabinet table in the corner and the junction site and the lack of reasonable and effective means of disposing. 

(Two) Artificial stone: Advantages: Artificial stone is more resistant, acid-resistant, high temperature, impact, compression; bending, anti-infiltration and other functions of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento are also very strong. 

Its deformation, bonding, turn the handle, unique; Because the surface is not porous, oil, water stains difficult to penetrate them, so strong fouling; seamless bonding can be of any length, with the adhesive material will be two After sanding block bonding, seamless. 

Especially in the last few years a new popular artificial quartz stone panel, than the average artificial marble, granite works better performance, more suitable for countertop use. Disadvantages: artificial stone of different materials have different drawbacks, generally try to select with acrylic artificial stone, hardness, toughness good Special Note: Even seamless artificial stone of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento, because of the different processing technology, quality, there will be some differences, so the choice must pick a good reputation and service are guaranteed brand. 

(Three) marble countertops: Procurement Reference: length of natural stone cannot be too long, cannot be made whole through a long table, and with the modern pursuit of the overall trend is not appropriate to the table. Advantages: Natural stone texture is very beautiful, hard, anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, good wear resistance; low cost, different colors, the most common of several prices are more reasonable, and belonging to an affordable countertop materials. Also have relatively high natural stone countertops, high taste for the pursuit of the crowd. Disadvantages: two splicing cannot seamless, seamless and easy to breed bacteria; natural stone density, requires solid cabinet support, although it is more than hard, but the lack of flexibility in case of heavy blow cracks will occur is difficult to repair, some unseen natural cracks, rapid temperature changes also occur in case of rupture. Natural stone will be the radiation; the environment has certain adverse effects.

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