How to pick four kinds of materials of Hardwood kitchen cabinets

Snakeskin pattern marble slabs

The most common current market according to Hardwood kitchen cabinets, there are four cabinet table materials: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, stainless steel, now let's look at the main natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone countertops what advantages and disadvantages of materials now! Natural stone countertops Includes a variety of patterns of natural stone granite, marble, more commonly used is black and white two kinds of flowers. 

Advantages: relatively large density according to Hardwood kitchen cabinets, hard, anti-scratch performance is very prominent, good wear resistance, but the texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, the most common price, belonging to an affordable countertop material. 

High-grade natural stone countertops prices have a thousand dollars. 

Disadvantages: There are natural stone pores, easy to accumulate grease; 2 natural stone is shorter, two splicing cannot be seamless, seamless and easy to breed bacteria; 3 natural stone density, require strong Cabinet Support; although hard texture , but the lack of flexibility in case of heavy blow cracks occur, it is difficult patch, some unseen natural cracks can occur in case of drastic changes in temperature rupture; natural marble brittle, cannot produce more than one meter of the table format. Special note: some material may have natural stone and dissemination of radioactive gas, do not meet environmental requirements, such as no special treatment process; there may be damage to the human body, so choose the best time to do radiation testing. Artificial stone countertops Artificial stone, also known as polymer solid plate, is made from natural mineral powder master batch and acrylic resin, high temperature, high pressure treatment from the plate, homogeneous, non-porous, is recognized as the best suited to the market a modern kitchen cabinet panels.

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