Fashion colors is showing personality in kitchen granite selection

In the pan-blue ink black marble material

Fashion and personality, which is the reporter female consumers, the two words most often heard. 

Nowadays kitchen is no longer a mere cooking space, but a creation of happiness, personality, fashion and quality of life birthplace. 

"For the cabinets show personality and fashion, the use of color is essential in kitchen granite selection, such as elegant and noble purple, will be able to highlight the charming hostess, unrestrained personality." He said. 

Cabinet colors can be selected according to personal preference, but we must pay attention to the harmony of the whole space. In general, the choice of cabinets, wall tile has been posted, and to pay attention to the color of the cabinet and tile color combinations. 

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops are by type. 

Today, artificial stone has become a whole cabinet countertops main timber, has its advantages, but because of unsaturated resin based materials artificial stone in kitchen granite selection, has not overcome the gravitational expansion, deformation processing methods and skills of a large proportion, which is artificial stone countertops main quality problems. 

"My family in the kitchen area is very small, only three dishes can burn a deal, if he came to guests, use a bunch of pots and pans, do not know on which the." Liu told reporters tell her confused. 

He believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that the kitchen is not enough storage space. He suggested that Ms. Liu to buy a small refrigerator or some other public areas to move the refrigerator, and do not place the sterilizer. "Kitchen area is dead, we must learn from the three-dimensional space to find, such as the cabinet has been hit the top, do not leave gaps." He said. 

If the kitchen and there is enough space on both sides of the wall, in which you can design clothes closet, placed or embedded in the microwave sterilizer, both sides are used to storage.

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