Lecture 2: The eight popular symbols of kitchen granite selection design

Giallo California Granite

Configure 4: hinge straight arm damper Either in the kitchen or car, safety is in the detail design, technology promotion constantly pursuit. At present, many brand ambry ninth hinge use special accessories, installation is convenient, quick, without plate hole, directly installed outside the hinge, door closing speed, buffer to eliminate noise; Effectively avoid the door plank quick make harm to the old man child.

Configuration 5: hardware cutlery library Chinese style, western-style tableware, various hardware library can help tableware partitions. Take tableware clean, convenient and save time; Easy cleaning; the drawer bottom protection, greatly extends the service life of the drawer.

Configuration 6: swing basket In order to achieve the convenient degree of the operator, ambry stylist of kitchen granite selection to some clever use of space, realize the product's versatility.

It cans effective use of space. Shopping basket can also take off whole, everywhere go hang, very novel, interesting.

Configuration 7: food waste processor Traditional way of garbage disposal, the far is not suitable for the process of modern life. Food waste processor is installed in the bottom basin, small footprint. Super abrasive technology thoroughly fast to deal with garbage, not only effectively eliminate sewer blocked, change the traditional way of trash pickup, save effort, save electricity, efficient, fast. Configuration 8: embedded a dishwasher.

A lot of imported cabinet adopted the embedded in the form of dishwasher. This way of cabinet put oneself in another's position is small in size, save a space. Embedded a dishwasher to wash 12 pieces cutlery with automatic washing cycle, automatic water supply safety device.

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