The eight popular symbols of Hardwood kitchen cabinets design

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Ambry of standard configuration can meet the demand of basic human use, and the operator comfort and convenient degree depends on some cabinets advanced configuration.

In general, in addition to the reasonable design of the kitchen, has the sense of quality of plank, mesa products humanized configuration of Hardwood kitchen cabinets not only add full for kitchen space, enhance space operation fluency, make the kitchen life to become a happy thing. I know the popular this year the ambry of professional manufacturer of kitchen advanced configuration.

Configuration 1: LED lights LED lights have been adopted by new concept car is cold light source, in recent years to adopt in the senior cabinet design, its color is rich, change the dull or boring in the cabinet, the kitchen environment more comfortable and pleasant.

And this kind of lamps and lanterns of Hardwood kitchen cabinets is very energy saving, service life is long, can reach 7 to an average of 8000 hours.

Damping Angle configuration 2: BLUM drawer Design of damping Angle BLUM drawer, not only solve corner space problem, but also makes the kitchen have integral feeling, beautiful sex, can receive more scattered goods.

Configuration 3: on the sliding door Traditional condole cabinet door of Hardwood kitchen cabinets will hit the people who walk, opening and closing from time to tome noise, can clip to the staff.

The introduction of Germany and family ambry manufacturer sliding door, are free to locate, switch is smooth, smooth, and equipped with damping device, silent mute silent. Designer to apply this configuration is often placed microwave space, do not need to use microwave ovens, pull pan door, door of cupboard of cover microwave ovens, and other cabinet put oneself in another's position to form a whole, to avoid the messy feeling of microwave oven in the tooling; You need to use the microwave oven, and then sliding door open.

In addition, the configuration is the best solution of the narrow space.

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