The kitchenware and bath ware should change in time, or else the kitchen granite selection ware will be harmful to healt

Aran white granite


Start by life electric appliance company kitchenware and bath ware love detection, water heater, action from last Wednesday, is starting to get a lot of citizens’ registration hotline an endless stream, as of yesterday, more than 500 homes, and sign up for this activity.

This weekend, we household appliances and related manufacturers to advance booking, arrange inspection time, has now been tested about 100 homes.

Although in recent years, through the home appliance manufacturers and home appliance sells the continuous publicity, warning of kitchen granite selection ware electric hazards, safety consciousness of consumers have got the big step to ascend, but there are a lot of consumers on the kitchenware and bath ware electric appliance use blind spot.

Found in the testing process: 85% of housewives don't know, lampblack machine use more than six years, soot deposits in body of unable to clean oil, volatilize harmful material absorbed by the body, after heated easily lead to lung cancer; 50% of consumers don't know water-storage electric water heater need one to two years to replace a magnesium rods; When the maintenance staff to overrun the kitchen granite selection ware kitchenware and bath ware electric appliance replacement suggestion, there are some families that have been use is good, also want to continue to use.

There are new problems emerge. Found in the consumer to inquire, a large number of people to buy cheap, and no brand. The relevant person in charge of our ginger manager stressed: "gas water heater of choose and buy when one-sided focus on low prices don’t, and try to choose well-known brand and good reputation, to avoid trap into bad products low prices."

Activities related to testing and replacement after we held every year. Since this week, "we will kitchenware and bath ware home appliances section", to have overrun kitchenware and bath ware electric consumers in the home, we will give full financial support scheme, some concerns this week; we need to change the consumer can activity information.

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