Expert teaches you to identify the quality of cooker panel in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento service centers

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You have bought a induction cooker for more than three years, you cooked a meal at ordinary times, and you paid attention to clean, but recently you found that panel was still a lot of similar oily be soiled black dirt, clean again but found with ordinary cloth hasn’t wipe clean, and use ordinary cleaner is also difficult to clean, dirt seem to have entered into the panel, on the surface, the panel is generally no gap, why will also grease into them?

Is not clear because of the panel material problem, want to ask how to identify the quality of the panel. Industry experts’ appraisal: Induction cooker panel in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento is easy to shelter evil people and practices are linked to the material of the panel.

The induction cooker panel on the market is also good and evil people mixed up, uneven, when consumer is buying induction cooker must recognize the quality of the panel. In general, induction cooker panel is divided into two ceramic roof and microcrystalline glass roof, they are white and black. Judging from the professional point of view, a good ceramic roof has a molding, high temperature resistant, resistant to cold and hot temperature difference, strong impact resistance, etc.

Due to its structure compact, easy to clean, do not change color, texture lines through full, high thermal efficiency, so a good ceramic roof is induction cooker industry recognized as energy saving, clean "ambassadors"; And microcrystalline glass roof, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to cold and hot temperature difference heat transfer effect, the magnetic field lines through the side, with good ceramic roof is difficult to compare. Because of its is black, not yellow or pale, induction cooker, nearly black microcrystalline glass roof make consumers have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, and the production of such manufacturers have a lot of, quality is uneven also, when consumer is buying must pay attention to distinguish the panel quality.

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