Tell you the water that clean out rice is the universal cleaning agent about Hardwood kitchen cabinets

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The board bacteria: if cleaning does not reach the designated position, still can have peculiar smell. Use of such a chopping board, bacteria can easily spread to food, trigger gastrointestinal diseases.

To avoid this problem, first of all, you should be at home prepare raw cooked two pieces of board about Hardwood kitchen cabinets, the "board" cut raw lettuce, "practice" cooked meat cooked food.

Second, if the board can't be removed residual odor, you can use the water that clean out rice to soak for 10 minutes. Rice washing water is the universal cleaning agent in the kitchen, it contains trace elements is most suited to remove the chopping board the smell of Onions and garlic. In addition to the meat smell, the chopping board with ginger to wipe again then flushed the edge with hot water scrub for a while.

Acidic white vinegar, in addition to fishy smell is the most effective. Use white vinegar is wiped across the board, after dry, reoccupy clear water flushing, no peculiar smell. In the end, it will always give board disinfection about Hardwood kitchen cabinets. The simplest method is to use saline or alkaline soak, not only can eliminate fat, also can eliminate vegetable residues of pesticides and meat because of high temperature and breeding of bacteria. Another method is to wipe with lemon, lemon acid has the effect of disinfection, will make the chopping board fragrant.

It is important to remind that the board after washing clean, disinfection is best to place it in the sun insolates, give it a completely "clean".

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