The classification of Kitchen utensils for kitchen granite selection

hardwood kitchen cabinet

There are two kinds of classification methods:

1, according to use the occasion to points, can be divided into commercial kitchen utensils and appliances and household appliances. Commercial kitchen utensils and appliances for kitchen granite selection is suitable for hotels, restaurants and other large kitchen equipment, household kitchen utensils and appliances is commonly used in the family.

2, in accordance with the purposes to points, can be divided into the following five categories. The first is storage appliances, divided into two most, food storage and implements supplies store. Food storage is divided into cold storage and cold storage, cold storage is through the kitchen fridge, freezer, etc. Implements supplies store is to provide storage space tableware, cookware, and utensils and so on. Storage equipment is through a variety of bottom ark and condole ark, horny ark, multi-purpose ark, etc.

The second is the cleaning products, including hot and cold water supply and drainage equipment, wash basin, such as content ark, after washing in the kitchen waste generated in the operation, should set the bin or health barrels, etc., should also be equipped with modern family kitchen equipment such as alexipharmic ark, food waste pulverizes. The third kind is recuperated appliances, mainly including toning the mesa, sorting, cutting tools and utensils, ingredients and modulation. With the progress of science and technology, the family kitchen food pressing machines, cutting machines, pressing machines and modulation etc are also growing. The fourth class is cooking appliance is the fifth class dining utensils, stoves, ovens and cooking at the time of the related tools and utensils.

The kitchen revolution process is like electric rice cooker. High-frequency electromagnetic range, microwave oven, microwave oven, etc are also beginning to a large number of into the family. Is the fifth class dining utensils and mainly including restaurant dinner in the furniture and appliances and utensils, etc?

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