Five big fears with kitchen utensils and appliances in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

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1, avoid to use a painting or carving engrave used chopstick. Painted on the chopsticks contain chemicals such as lead, benzene, harmful to health. Carving chopstick looks beautiful, but easy to shelter evil people and practices, bacterium, is not easy to clean.

2, avoid stainless steel or iron kettle boil Chinese traditional medicine. Because of traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and all kinds of biological chemistry, under the condition of heating, can cause a variety of chemical reactions and stainless steel or iron in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento can make the drug failure, and even produce certain toxicity.

3, avoid wok cooking green beans. Because of it contains element tannin, under the condition of high temperature in the iron black tannin iron, make black soup, have special smell, not only affect appetite, taste, and is harmful to human body.

4, avoid to use a cedar wood or wood do chopping block is faulty. Black cedar wood contains toxic substances and peculiar smell, and use it to do dishes, cutting board not only pollution but also easy to cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. As a result, the folk make chopping block is the first choice of wood white fruit tree, honey locust wood, birch and willow in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

5, avoid to use all kinds of design and color porcelain ingredients. Works best with glass. Design and color porcelain contain pathogenic, carcinogenic substances such as lead, benzene. As the aging and decay of design and color porcelain, design the radon pollution to food produced inside the paint, harmful to human body in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

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