Matters need attention: the kitchen granite selection must be careful

birch cabinet

1, the choose and buy of fan Fan is an important equipment to purify the air quality in kitchen, it can take lampblack chance not discharge flue gas exhaust to the outside, the structure of the fan light, cheap, clean convenient, suitable for use in toilet and kitchen.

Fan is mainly open type and isolation type two kinds, because this type insulation when the fan doesn't work can block the outside airflow through the fan, to prevent flies into the kitchen granite selection, so the family generally choose shade type fan.

There is a fan on the market at present, already can exhaust air, also can intake, is advantageous for the purification of indoor air, is also very suitable for use in the family kitchen, toilet.

2, the choose and buy of birdbath Water is essential to kitchen appliances and accessories, is the most basic equipment realize washing function.

Family of birdbath generally use stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, has single and double trough two kinds, the price of the double groove while high, but it's very convenient to use, so as long as the area is allowed, should be equipped with double groove birdbath.

When buying a birdbath, should observe the processing quality, there is no obvious quality defects such as trachoma, crack, water trough along the should be processing smoothing, complete, no burr, no uneven, general household basin of stainless steel material thickness, the purchase to pay attention to the size of basin and to the washing tank or the location of the table size is consistent.

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