Reveal several foods with mixed poisonous by Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Blue Glass Vessel

1. The rice Alert: white wax oil and mineral oil industrial products polishing, bright may be toxic. Identification method: buy rice very bright, probably rice is made of mineral oil and polishing. Use a small amount of hot water soaking the rice, the hand of twist has greasy feeling; serious water can float a staining.

 Look carefully, the other for oil polished rice is usually uneven color, look carefully will find that there is a little yellow rice.

2. The black fungus Alert: alum, alkali blisters, has a foul taste may be fake. Recognition methods: true fungus slightly after chewing without peculiar smell, pure and fresh air. False black fungus usually have the flavor of adulterated content, if there are any astringency, illustrate with alum blisters over; Salty, it is to use salt water bubble. Has a sweet taste, is mixed with sugar water.

The smell is to use basic blisters by Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

3. The hair belly Alert: infused hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, white and fills all don't eat. Recognition methods: special white hair belly is infused with hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde three or four geniuses become white. Buying belly was very white and enlarged volume, should avoid be bought by Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento. With formaldehyde soaked hair belly, a pinch is easy to be broken, with the hand when heated shrinking fast, should avoid edible.

4. The tea Alert: lead chrome green dyeing, beware of the color is too bright. Recognition methods: lead, chromium oxide is a kind of industrial paint by Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento, toxic, normal bright color and luster is soft and leaded the chrome green, black, green, and blue, dark; after use boiling water, normal light, bright, looks dark yellow comparison.

In addition, the normal “tea" has a small white fluff, coloring hair is green tea.

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