The nine tips of microwave oven use from Hardwood kitchen cabinets

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1, avoid is used a metal ware: because the charging of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel ware, such as microwave oven when heated, and the resulting and reflect microwaves, damage to the furnace and heat food.

2, avoid timeout heating: food into the microwave thawing or heating, if forget to take out.

two hours, should lose not, lest cause food poisoning from Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

3, avoid meat again after heating to a half cooked in the microwave heating: because in the half-cooked food will grow bacteria, when heated in the microwave oven for a second time, because time is short, it is not possible to kill all bacteria. Frozen meat must first thaw in the microwave oven, and then heating for cooked food.

4, avoid again by microwave thawing of frozen meat, because meat in the microwave after thawing, actually has a layer of low heat outside, at this temperature bacteria can multiply from Hardwood kitchen cabinets, though refreezing can make its breeding to stop, but not killed living bacterium.

Has defrosted meat in the microwave oven, if again in the fridge frozen, must be heated to well-done.

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