Mixed poisonous in six foods found by Kitchen Granite Sacramento

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5. Bean curd stick Alert: join Identification method: It is a kind of brightening agent used in industry. Criminals to make bean curd stick to bleach, increase brightness and toughness enhancement, mixed with toxic substances, and it can improve the appearance and taste of food, but after heating decompose toxic carcinogens.

Qualified bean curd stick to pale yellow, with fibrous protein, against the light to see a hint of a fibrous tissue; Knead a pinch, fragile bean curd stick quality is better; Take a few pieces of bean curd stick soak in warm water, soft water and bubble are light yellow by Kitchen Granite Sacramento, not muddy, is the high quality bean curd stick.

6. Lily flower Alert: sulfur smoked, charming color is not normal. Identification method: in order to extend the storage time, pusher with sulfur smoked "old stock", fresh dry.

Sulfur dioxide excessive amounts of dry day lily is in pale yellow, white, as the day lily after fresh vegetables to the dried vegetable production process, its color should be deeper and deeper, "most of the dry day lily charming color" for sulfur dioxide exceeds bid badly, it looks pale yellow, prompt reply is not normal, and a pungent acid by Kitchen Granite Sacramento.

Before eating day lily, it's best to use clear water soaking more than 30 minutes, then rinse several times.

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