You must pay attention to use microwave oven via kitchen granite selection

Orange Glass Vessel 

5, avoid Fried foods: fire as a result of high temperature oil splash will happen. Such as one thousand careless caused a fire in the furnace, don't open the door, but should turn off the power and cooling after being on fire and then open the door.

6, avoid a common plastic containers: use special microwave oven ware holding food in the microwave heating, is a hot food can make the plastic deformation, the second is ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contamination of food and endanger human body health via kitchen granite selection.

7, avoid the use of closed containers: heating the liquid should be used wide mouth containers, because food heated in sealed container as it is not easy to heat, high pressure container, easy cause blasting accident. Even in decoction shelled food, also want to advance with a needle or chopsticks to Pierce her shell, lest cause burst, splashing dirty after heating furnace wall, or a splash.

8, avoid micro oven in the bedroom, at the same time should pay attention not to cover the window of heat dissipation on the microwave with items grid.

9, avoid working long time in front of the microwave oven: after open the micro oven, people should be away from the oven or microwave oven at least 1 m away from it.

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