Why hot water cannot kill bacteria with Hardwood kitchen cabinets

coffee kitchen cabinets

In general, pathogenic, salmonella was blanching before eating a bowl, and it killed only a small number of microbes, steam boiling, circulation or use infrared, sterilized kitchen cupboards, and so on is the effective method.

Ironed with boiled water, at least, of course, can wash away the dust bowl or oil pollution, it also have not cannot. Don't use the napkin paper bowl of wet paper towel Experts say as to use a napkin to wipe, less than the effect of disinfection with Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

There are a lot of people feel wet paper towels have disinfection, so used to brush a bowl. It is not right. Wet wipes contain emollients such as a variety of chemical composition, all cannot entry, wipe with the bowl but increased security hidden danger.

In fact, blanching bowl is more worried about food poisoning with Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

Indeed, the tableware disinfection is not completely filled with microbial residues, but the hidden danger in food is the most important thing.

Not completely heating meat, for example, place time is too long time of cold dishes or piece of fruit. The good food is the most important thing.

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