The eight items about the kitchen decorates basic principles in Kitchen Granite Sacramento

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1, the place that the kitchen is cooking well, reduces the intensity of labor to applying the principles of ergonomics, the reasonable layout.

2, the design of the kitchen should consider from reduce the operator labor intensity, easy to use.

3, the height of the gas in Kitchen Granite Sacramento is from the ground advisable.

4, kitchen design should be reasonable decorate kitchen is provided, lampblack machine, water heaters and other equipment, must fully consider the equipment installation, maintenance and use safety.

5, decoration materials of the kitchen should be simple but elegant color, smooth surface, easy to clean.

6, the ground of the kitchen, appropriate is used prevent slippery ceramic tile ground, easy to clean.

7, of the top surface of the kitchen, appropriate chooses me tope fire, heat, easy to clean material, such as glazed tile walls, aluminum ceiling, etc.

8, the adornment design of the kitchen should not affect the day lighting of the kitchen, ventilation, lighting effects.

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