The items about the basic principles of kitchen decorates in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento corporate

round sink

9, it is strictly prohibited to move the gas meter, gas drainage tubes shall not do, should be considered at the same time meter reading is convenient

10, the first thing: consider security issues.

11, the first heavy kitchen and practical is not only as beautiful as the design principles.

12, kitchen lights should be divided into two levels in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento corporate: one is for the whole lighting of the kitchen; one is for washing, preparation and operation of lighting.

13, due to the need of each person is different, such as refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher in proper position of layout in ambry, open and use convenient.

14, the best short ark to make in the kitchen drawer, push-pull type convenient take put, there is a better vision, and condole cabinet is made of 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer grid.

15, condole ark and the clearance between the operating platform can use up, needed to get some cooking utensils in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento corporate.

16, many places consider in the kitchen to prevent dangerous in children.

17, to set an additional platform can sit and work.

18, the kitchen garbage is bigger, smell also big, easy to in a convenient dumping and hidden place.

19, kitchen furniture, design, all in accordance with the master shape.

20, the height of the smoke lampblack machine to the user height shall prevail.

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