The five basic types of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento design

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Kitchen design is the most basic concept of "triangular work space", therefore, wash dish pool, fridge and stove are placed in proper position, and the ideal is a triangle, the distance of no more than one meter. At the beginning of the Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento design work, it is the ideal daily operation according to the individual household as the basis of design program.

(1) According to the four basic morphological evolution and become, can be in accordance with space and individual be fond of innovation. The kitchen table independence for the island is a novel and chic design; the mesa design increases in proper place, apply for breakfast, ironing, flower arrangement, wine, etc.

(2) Arrange all workspaces on side wall, usually used in space is not large, the narrow corridor. All work is done on a straight line, save a space. But the Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento workbench should not be too long, otherwise easy to reduce the efficiency. In the case of not cloggy passageway, can arrange a piece can adjustable adjust or collapsible face plate, for a rainy day.

(3) Matching board and cooking three work centers, in order to configure the interconnected l-shaped wall space. It is best not to L side design is too long, lest reduce work efficiency, this kind of space use is common, the economy.

(4) Work area shares two place corner, with L model function is roughly same, dimensional demand is bigger. Cistern had better be put in the bottom of the u-shaped, distinguish area matching board and cooking set either side, make cistern, freezer and cooking utensils connect is a triangle. The Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento distance will be subject to triangular chief, combined within the effective range. This design can increase the collection of more space.

(5) On the workspace arrangement is on both sides parallel. On the distribution of work center, often will arrange together, clean and ingredients and cooking alone. If there is enough space, table can be arranged in room rear.

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