See eating habits from the kitchen design of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

The combination cabinet is perfect

The kitchen of different diet, different needs, make the one thousand people one thousand dream in the heart of the kitchen. Various stages of the family, however, demand for the kitchen is also different. Integrated these factors, in order to design a practical, beautiful kitchen Small kitchen arrangement should be compact

Family: young couple Eating habits: buffet dinner platter

Recommendation: suitable for open type kitchen The space and budget is limited, what they need is a really nice kitchen, rather than an expensive investment of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

They chose to open wide type kitchen, set up a stage in the end of the cabinet, make full use of ambry corner, increased the compact feeling of the space, receive, repast, equipment eat the practical design at an organic whole, built the atmosphere of clean and bright for the kitchen. According to the cooking habits, three big area of washing area, work station, hearth along the long axis L put in turn, can maximize the kitchen work efficiency.

Stylist proposal in the kitchen, the three design don't area is too long, lest reduce work efficiency.

The kitchen space Family: five people to live Eating habits: cooking and often like to decoct, fry, boil, and fry food of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento Design recommendation: U activity space is large Who lives in phoenix ridge, a district home kitchen area is larger; choose the "U" type kitchen. "U" refers to the kitchen cabinets around three walls, to form a "U" word.

Sink in the bottom of the "U", distinguish area matching board and cooking set either side, make cistern, freezer and cooking utensils to form a triangle. This will allow larger space of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento; in the middle can accommodate many people at the same time to help in the kitchen.

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