The kitchen window design for a family of three in Kitchen Granite Sacramento

The Glass Vessel is better

The internal space of the kitchen window design, unique landscape not only bring the kitchen space, good day lighting that appear, at the same time also added new connotation for the kitchen cooking in Kitchen Granite Sacramento also can see the scenery outside the window.

Effectively prevent lampblack semi-enclosed kitchen Family: a family of three Eating habits: Chinese food and western food combination Design recommendation: local closed cooking area Open mode kitchen is now popular design, but for cooking and often like to decoct, fry, boil, fry family, it's easy to make house full of the smell of cooking.

To solve this problem, the simplest method is to design the kitchen into a closed. But many families no can accommodate enclosed space of the kitchen. And enclosed the kitchen too depressing, can appear the whole house is very crowded. But miss high talent in the kitchen decorate design in a way of thinking, have both open, and will not make the house a good kitchen lampblack.

She is only one side of the area into a closed space in the Kitchen Granite Sacramento, the kitchen operation of the triangle (washing area, work station, hearth) is located in the inside, while the other parts of the storage and the counter made open outside.

Closed area, Chinese food is the main operating area.

As long as the shut the door, whether Fried cooked, don't have to worry about lampblack diffuses all over the house. Closed zone is the main operating area; western food also is pretty good store object space. Even in peacetime, placed potted plants, flowers, put a plate of fruit, is also very good adornment.

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