The principle of kitchen utensils and appliances for kitchen granite selection

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1, the principle: beauty. Kitchen utensils and appliances not only requires the modeling, color is pleasing, but also must have the persistence, therefore requires more easily to prevent pollution, good cleaning performance for kitchen granite selection, this requires that the surface material has good oil resistance, resistance to the ability of lampblack, make the kitchen for a long time to keep the surface clean as new.

2, the principle: health. Kitchen utensils should has the ability to resist pollution, in particular to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants, such as the function of the contaminated food, to ensure that the immanent quality of the whole kitchen utensils for kitchen granite selection. Some ambry has taken all installed on the market at present article bombs were sealed, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

3, the principle: convenience. The operation of the kitchen should have a reasonable process, therefore, on the design of the kitchen utensils and appliances, can design the arrangement of parts in the correct process, it is very important to be convenient for future use. And the position of the height of the hearth, condole ark, etc., are directly affect the use of convenience. Therefore, one chooses accord with human body engineering principle and operating procedure of kitchen utensils.

4, the principle: fire prevention. The kitchen is the only use naked light in contemporary household area, material fire retardant ability of high and low, determines the kitchen utensils and appliances and the safety of their families, especially in the surface of kitchen utensils and appliances, fire prevention ability, but also the important standard of choosing kitchen utensils and appliances. So, normal kitchenware manufacturer production materials on the surface of kitchen utensils and appliances are of all use of non-combustible, flame retardant materials.

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