Making a performance comparison between high-power commercial and induction cooker by our Hardwood kitchen cabinets comp

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1, high-power induction cooker (kitchen) using magnetic field induction heating principle By using high frequency (20-40 KHZ) current annular coil and produce alternating magnetic field. When the magnetic field lines through the magnetic conductive iron at the bottom of the pot body induction of numerous small eddy current, make the pot body itself to high heat, and then heated pot food.

2, the use of high-power induction cooker pot body (kitchen) material requirements Due to the accumulation of the lines of magnetic force cannot be effective permeability material, almost impossible to form vortex, thus basic does not produce heat. In addition, the conductive ability especially bad magnetic material due to its high resistivity of eddy current is very small; the heat also is very small. So the induction cooker (kitchen) materials used as conductive performance are relatively good materials, as well as alloy and composite.

3, safety analysis, Because of the high power induction cooker (kitchen) instead of direct contact with the coil plate and the pot body by electromagnetic induction heating pan by the Hardwood kitchen cabinets, so there is no leakage risk. Because of the high power induction cooker (kitchen) coil plate itself has a magnetic strip array, and the pot body to the focal absorption effect of the magnetic field lines, and through the metal shell radiation shielding so foreign exchange is very low, won't cause harm to human body. 1, more energy efficient, high thermal efficiency.

 As mediated "green kitchen culture" of the high-tech products and traditional stoves, such as electric stove, gas stove, gas stove and rice cooker heating principle is to burn the red at the bottom of the vessel directly heated pot food, another part of the heat consumption in the combustion air, thermal efficiency is between 40% and 60%, large amount of thermal energy consumption, slow cooking by the Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

The induction cooker (oven), thermal efficiency can reach 95%.

 2, more secure (more halogen-light to cook good) Induction cooker (oven) to use effect and the gas burner is completely different, in use process will not generate flame, induction cooker (kitchen) itself is no fever, not like other kitchen often lead to a fire incident, and it doesn’t have all kinds of disturbance caused by gas leakage.

3, more environmental protection, health, clean) Farewell fireworks filled the kitchen of the war, is the modern cooks a big wish. Induction cooker (kitchen) did not release any material during heating, no fire smokeless, also do not rise at room temperature; While traditional coal, liquefied petroleum gas, gas burning, burning air so that the room temperature rising, the kitchen lampblack, at the same time can release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, affect human body health. Use environmental protection induction cooker (kitchen) does not have traditional stoves many pollution problems, so the real realized the clean room, to protect the environment by the Hardwood kitchen cabinets company.

It has no fire at work, especially in the summer operation, clean and comfortable.

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