Compare high-power commercial induction cooker with induction cooker by Kitchen Granite Sacramento

coffee kitchen cabinets is better

4, more accurate, precise temperature control) Induction cooker (kitchen) can according to customers different cooking requirements, flexible and accurate temperature control of heating power and cooking by Kitchen Granite Sacramento. . Induction cooker cooking (kitchen) can choose the required temperature (temperature) and the temperature setting in one step.

5, more can (Fried, Fried, Fried, boiled, steamed, etc.) Induction cooker (oven) is Fried, Fried, Fried, boiled, stewed all-around champion, this compared with a single function of microwave oven have great progress, and maximize the kitchen space saving, easy installation and moving light, no radiation and leakage risk.

6, more convenient (simple appearance is beautiful) Easy operation: currently, some of the common stove (such as: microwave oven) have several action buttons, induction cooker (oven) is only a relatively few button to complete the operation by Kitchen Granite Sacramento. Desktop starch focal: small volume, convenient spirit living, health, mobile; Induction cooker (kitchen) only then good power supply can work; It can adapt to all kinds of places: especially the forbidden fire, empty windy places (such as the basement, gas, liquefied gas center, winery, workshop, warehouse, etc.) because of its working process does not produce flame, and no heat, no waste gas.

7, more reliable Fire adjusted, large, starch arbitrary function transformation, a key operational with digital display, simple intelligent computer control technique with automatic detection, pot hot pot body and empty fire protection, overload protection function, and automatic discharge function and manual function.

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