Tie-in skill of dining-room and kitchen together for kitchen granite selection

nine photos about kitchen granite selection

Hutch eat syncretism or the unity of hutch eat, daily life, both involving equipment eat and have dinner two big main component for kitchen granite selection . The equipment eat part is first. 

By modern kitchen equipment eat space in the composition of the system, should have cooking, washing, adjust the four basic functions such as catering, storage .Therefore, it must have a cooking stove, washing tank, the works, a refrigerator storage tank and other basic facilities. 

To ensure the high efficiency of the kitchen work, composed of the four functions of kitchen utensils and appliances for kitchen granite selection equipped with must be scientific and reasonable, otherwise it is difficult to give full play to the performance of the unit of kitchen utensils and appliances and improve the comprehensive performance of using the series as a whole. 

Therefore, the kitchen equipment must meet the following requirements: One, starting from the basic kitchen equipment eats meal to process can be summarized as: food storage, preparation, cooking, washing, modulation, catering, on the table. System combination of kitchen utensils and appliances match column should be consistent with the basic process. 

Two, kitchen utensils and appliances should first meet the person, kitchen utensils and appliances, and store items on the scale, location of coordination. Now many countries are based on the meter side of the human body data, in the form of a national standard out of the kitchen utensils and appliances of several of system size standards for kitchen granite selection

Three, the kitchen utensils and appliances match column combination should be based on "working triangle principle". Different combinations of kitchen utensils and appliances, and its complete cooking job move line each are not identical. According to expert research, the storage refrigerator, stove cleaning center in the center of the three operation between the moving line can be installed a triangle (formerly working triangle). 

In general, the triangle three sum to less than 660 cm in length as well. More than the kitchen will reduce efficiency. The three triangle sum length at 450cm-660cm is highest efficiency. Based on working principle of triangle formed by the kitchen with column has the following basic form: Is a list of type column, corridor type matches, square columns, peninsula shape columns, deserving match column, and change type? Dinner part including the eat desk and chair and collection tableware, tea sets, wine and cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, tea, food tank kind of furniture. 

Open kitchen table design, not the hutch eat two Spaces to simply add up stiff, but by the modern kitchen equipment system consisting of organic combination of function of hutch cook and eat for kitchen granite selection

Therefore, the combination of hutch cooks a meal part, and the members of a family, should pay attention to hutch eat space layout and spatial form of clever collocation. And the establishment of the blend in living room activities hutch eat space, also need to consider required of the daily life of furniture such as sofa, tea table, short ark to cooperate.

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