The method to make food delicious advised by Kitchen Granite Sacramento

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For "salty" housewife, suddenly reduce the salt in the food may not be used, you can use the following without salt or less salt method to make food delicious:

1. The use of oil fragrance. Green onion, ginger, garlic is produced after cooking oil fragrance, can increase the food delicious. 

2. The use of acid. Use white vinegar, lemon, apple, grapefruit, orange, tomato, etc all kinds of acidity food increase the flavor of the dishes. 

3. The use of sweet and sour taste. Can add flavor, sweet and sour food, stimulate appetite, reduce the demand for salty relatively. 

4. Keep food flavor cooking methods. Such as steaming, stewing helps to keep food original fragrance. 

5. Available medicinal herbs and spices flavor. 

6. Eat more fruit salad, vegetable salad, etc., can need not salt not only, still can fill potassium, and is of great benefit to the body. 

Taboo three animal fats is bad for health vegetable oil is good for health so the more the better Many housewives have realized the harm of animal fat, with little use for animal fat, fat intake, but cooking with the amount of cooking oil not only did not decrease which is advised by Kitchen Granite Sacramento, but has a tendency to increase. 

Now most families have used vegetable oil as cooking oil, although it has made great progress than fat, but the quantity of heat of vegetable oil is very high, vegetable oil. 

Excessive calorie intake can significantly increase obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignant tumor. 

The Chinese nutrition society recommends cooking oil intake. But now the actual average intake of urban and rural residents has reached.

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