Your uncertainty is apparent when choosing Hardwood kitchen cabinets

The maple cabinet is very graceful

Myth cavity design is unimportant.

The importance hood cavity design cannot be ignored, on the one hand to do as much as possible a seamless, easy to clean, but also to protect the circuit, so that various lines in these highly corrosive fumes under the normal conditions work and no corrosion.

And not just within the cavity of the cavity seamless design, but also to do with the little plane parallel to the stove can also be seamless, while the oil network and cavity binding site has to be "invisible seamless "For example, to set up anti-oil wall, etc., so Hardwood kitchen cabinets do not stay clean.

Myth four panel material is irrelevant About the panel material, promoters could "deliberately forget" does not mention, or speak directly to a certain alloys term flicker consumers.

In fact, the hood of the material is very important, imagine, a range hood, every day of exposure to various fumes, spices and other acid corrosion in the short term may not be seen, but after six months or a year, such as fading occurs , oil smoke and other issues.

If Hardwood kitchen cabinets corrosion to the wires, it will cause electrical short circuit, burning motor accident. In fact, to test material is also very simple; the best domestic materials are generally imported M-Cr stainless steel material, looks fine texture. This material anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and will heal rub lighter.

To identify such material differences with the general alloy Hardwood kitchen cabinets material, you only need to try to direct the magnet can suck on, then certainly for the general poor quality alloy or iron-based, is not able to suck on a stainless steel material.

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