One has no need of hoods with an induction cooker for kitchen granite selection

Now people are picking up a variety of household appliances. Many consumers buy when the hood is always hesitant, in the end what kind of product is suitable for us?

Currently hood two structural types are generally divided into top suction hood type (Continental, Chinese), nearly suction type two types, and it comes to you a brief introduction.

Top suction type hood fan system is placed in the top of the smoke chamber for kitchen granite selection, inlet directly facing the rising smoke, by reducing soot in the smoke chamber vortex time, to achieve quick exhaust fumes.

the sink for kitchen

It uses a fully enclosed exhaust chamber, with the body inside completely isolated network separated by filtration, oil fumes, reduce soot on the motor, fan erosion, while exhaust volume has also been fully improved, so smoke fumes better.

Near-priming type Range hood, air inlet from the fumes source closer to the first time to lock the hood and reduces smoke rising movement distance, smoke effect is more ideal.

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