The notes of convection oven in Kitchen Granite Sacramento

All known as digital light microwave, although the name suffix is also called the microwave, but qualitatively different microwave ovens. Oven and microwave heating principle is completely different from conventional microwave oven magnetron microwave emission to complete, while the oven rapidly by the waves caused by heat, to the clever use of light and microwave integrated heating food.

Microwave oven cooking speed is faster than normal, and can excellently to keep the food inside the water and nutrients are not lost in Kitchen Granite Sacramento, you can ensure that the food authentic. Use and maintenance:

1, avoid overtime heating: thawing or heating food in the oven, and if you forget to remove more than 2 hours, you should not throw away, so as not to cause food poisoning.

2, avoid using metal utensils: Because into the furnace of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal containers, easy to produce sparks, both furnace and do damage unfamiliar food in Kitchen Granite Sacramento.

3, avoid using plastic wrap in contact with food: Use cling film, in the heating process is best not to let direct contact with food, food can be placed in a large bowl with plastic wrap flat sealing sized or without plastic wrap directly with glass or porcelain covered, so water vapor can also be sealed so that the heating quickly and evenly. Removing the plastic wrap before food can be punctured, to avoid it stick to the food.

4, avoid fried foods: hot oil splashing cause fire occurs.

As if inadvertently cause the furnace fire, avoid opening the door, you should turn off the power until the fire goes out before you open the door to cool.

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