The use and maintenance of dishwashers in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Dishwasher as a new era of small kitchen appliances, with a number of features: fully enclosed wash, do not rag, cut off the route of transmission of bacteria; using heat and special washing disinfectant, enough to kill Staphylococcus, hepatitis viruses and other germs virus; wash directly after drying, to avoid water stains left scars, making tableware is more smooth; liner is stainless steel, shell powder, electrophoresis, phosphate and other processes, no rust, no wear and tear; first paroxysmal burst by a high-pressure water, and then pour three-dimensional dense brush tableware, rinse thoroughly, water conservation; 20 minutes quick wash, you can meet people eat with washing needs.

Use and maintenance:

1, using the dishwasher must be connected to the ground, to ensure safety. Dishwasher does not completely replace manual labor, so washing dishes in other debris must not be entrained, such as fish bones, leftovers, rice, etc., otherwise clog the filter or obstruct the nozzle rotation, affect water quality.

2, to the machine put cutlery, cutlery basket should not be exposed metal outside. Relatively small cups, spoons and other utensils avoid falling and prevent collisions, in order to avoid fragmentation.

If necessary, use a more fine-grained small basket containing these small appliances, it will be safer in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

3, to keep the dishwasher clean inside and outside, after use best visited with a brush on the filter dirt and sediment to prevent clogging; wash tank cleared monthly to apply some deodorant odor 1 ~ two times.

The cabinet is made of maple

4, in order better to wash dishes, to eliminate water spots, should be dedicated to wash dishes dishwasher detergents, soap or detergent cannot be replaced. Special detergent is characterized by low foam, high alkaline, and therefore cannot be directly washed by hand, so as not to burn the skin.

Conclusion Small appliances , our own love! Mastered these small appliances use and maintenance of skills, on the one hand to ensure the life of appliances, saving for their own economic costs, it also for their families Security did a good security, why not do it? Hide Keyboard

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