The four elements in domestic outfit to buy kitchen utensils and appliances of kitchen granite Sacramento

1. The body of the kitchen utensils and appliances of kitchen granite Sacramento is ark and clothes closet; up and down up and down the ark of the price unit is calculated per meter, the price of clothes closet units according to the calculation only. 

Establishment of a chair on the floor

Now also have custom make all kinds of furniture, when you are selecting a brand of kitchenware, pay a certain amount of deposit, the store or manufacturer design personnel can according to room size of the kitchen door, measured the design drawing to calculate the price of kitchen granite Sacramento again, can be implemented after the customer satisfied with production. 

Then the customers of the store or manufacturer are for full payment. At the appointed time, professionals will door to door for installation. 

2. To choose and buy of kitchen utensils and appliances should be quality, function, color and other factors. Products should be have wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistant, fire prevention, prevent bacteria, anti-static. 

Design should take into account the basic requirement of beautiful, practical and convenient. Function should fully consider the housewives use habits and safety. Personal preference on color is largely in harmony with the floor tile of wall of the kitchen, bedroom furniture. 

3. Kitchenware accessories has a sink, faucet, gas burner, lampblack machine, dishwasher, garbage cans, seasoning condole ark, etc., can their purchase or design staff of kitchen granite Sacramento to buy for wholesale, please consider. 

Modernist style designed kitchen renovation

Second, the structure 1. Kitchen door plank with flame retardant properties of fire prevention board (also known as rich MHF veneers), PVC mounding board, inferior smooth paint board, super bright mirror plate, etc. 

Kitchen utensils and appliances of pane are using the MHF veneers, rich and stone and DuPont material. Usually use medium density board of kitchen granite Sacramento, kitchen utensils and appliances of internal material better internal material cross section has a green dot on the fireproofing materials. 

2. A good kitchen utensils and hardware accessories are imported, hinge use zinc alloy (which can be tens of thousands of times). 

3, installation 

1. The installation of the kitchen utensils and appliances should be decorated in the kitchen and sanitary work all is in place. 

2. Safety first, checks the kitchen utensils and hardware (hinges, handle, slide) whether installation is firm, hutch is installed firmly. 

3. The installation requirements of kitchen utensils and professionals to measure, the size of the design, make sure production is correct. Kitchen utensils and appliances and condole ark of kitchen granite Sacramento (under the kitchen utensils and appliances have adjust a foot) level. We use silica as a waterproof processing to prevent water leakage. 

4. Inspection, check the gap between the drawer and door plank, door plank sealing side whether corner joint sealing leveling &compaction. When closed, two doors side parallel, not gap between door and door frame, side panel with the big hole, the racks can be arbitrary adjust the height. 

Do not rinse cabinet put oneself in another's position, usually wash liquid of kitchen granite Sacramento sharp objects carved table and the door.

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