What is the fire cause, how to deal with Hardwood kitchen cabinets?

1, the primary air intake air throttle inadequate or improperly adjusted, by adjusting the throttle to achieve;

2, the nozzle, trachea, fire cover a foreign body, clean the nozzle, trachea, fire cover in the foreign;

3, stove gas source and the actual use of suitable gas source does not match with Hardwood kitchen cabinets, the replacement stove or change the gas source;

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There stove ignition pin discharge is normal, misfire reason?

1, the gas supply master valve did not open;

 2, the discharge at the fire ignition needle clogging with Hardwood kitchen cabinets;

3, nozzle clogging;

4, such as gas, the valve may be bad; 5, ignition needle deviation

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