When the sugar and brown sugar hardens in Hardwood kitchen cabinets, how to change it?

The sugar practical method to soften Sugar, brown sugar packaging open a long time, often becomes powdered sugar lumps with a spoon or a knife are not very easy to deal with, following on to explain how to make the sugar hardens easily softened.

Method: Prepare a few slices of apple or cabbage, put hardened sugar top, cover cap or seal the bag, about half a day, you can make sugar part softened in Hardwood kitchen cabinets.

 Prepare a wet cloth, slightly wring Candy's back in the bottle, after some time, moisture absorption of sugar will gradually softened.

One of the most highly recommended quick way to harden the sugar into the bowl, or directly to the Candy bottle in a microwave oven, select thawing in Hardwood kitchen cabinets, for about two minutes.

The  Glass Vessel is yours

Note: The heating vessel must be able to use the microwave. Sugar or brown sugar to moisture caking, so save them when the best place to put it in low humidity, usually you can put in the Sugar Bowl cracker, can also play the role of moisture.

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