Don’t use smoke machines in the wrong way of kitchen granite selection

There is a growing emphasis on the health of the body, especially in the daily maintenance, but no matter how careful we are, indeed inevitable fumes daily, so many families hood became essential electrical appliances.

Then you really do use the hood at home? Here we come to tell you briefly explain hood everyday use the wrong way.

Only open when cooking hood, and in the boiling water, cooking is not open. In fact, just take away hood features cooking fumes should also eliminate gas pollution (the one hand, every time the ignition, flame when the gas leak, the other is the gas in the combustion exhaust gas generated in the process), especially liquefied LPG, containing a variety of strong carcinogen, more harmful to health than cooking fumes.

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Only pay attention to fume, while ignoring the supply of fresh air.

In the hood, while the application of kitchen granite selection fresh air ventilator added, so as to maintain sufficient oxygen gas has sustained combustion. Cooker hood and the distance between less than 70 cm, or the hood mounted on the use of solid fuels (such as coal, wood, etc.) stove fine, these practices are in possession of a fire hazard. Plastic parts with alcohol scrub solution, scrub with a metal hood surface, which makes plastic parts, hood surface loses luster.

Often six months before cleaning the filter once. In the case of daily use, should be changed every two weeks or a month to clean the filter once, otherwise it will affect the oil filter results.

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