The six items you should pay attention to choose Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Minimalist kitchen decor

Integral ambry of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento is "big" of the kitchen, the kitchen layout whether reasonable design associated with integral ambry. 

The ambry of choice is also very important, tend to affect the comfort level in the cooking process in the future, and whether to use convenient also affect its service life. 

1, understand the purchased cabinet put oneself in another's position of the plate thickness At present, there are 16 mm, 18 mm thickness specification plate, the thickness of the different costs vary widely, that's a thick plate cost Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento is 7% higher, but the service life, the thick plate can ensure that the cabinet doors not deformation, protect mesa not craze, etc can prolong service life. 

2, see combination and assembling way Market at present the use of the latest third generation frame bar tendon structure and fixed parts and fast loading way, the more effectively to ensure that the box body solid and tolerance.

 but also more environmental protection, in combination, couplet of assembling the cabinets of the monomers assemble cabinet, the service life and stability are two to three times, the cost is within 5%, and then back must choose to do double-sided sealing, otherwise single seal type back in the kitchen environment easy to damp mildew, is easy to release formaldehyde, causing health problems. 

3, to see the stage face plate, door plank, casing and seal, collision, etc Sealing strip closes lax will cause the soot, dust, insects, etc. To enter, have now been ambry brand launched the bombs were mute sealing side of cabinet put oneself in another's position, when use cupboard door closing impact eased, eliminate noise but also prevent cockroaches and other pests in, rather than prevent bombs sealing side cost within 3%. 

The sealing side at the same time, the quality of ambry exquisite, smooth, feel is good, flat wire sealing body is smooth, connector, professional company with a complete linear sealing side machine sealing side, broken, debarring, chamfering, polishing process, uniform coating, pressure stability of the sealing side, guarantee the most accurate size. 

4, regardless of the size of the brand of ambry, consumer should ask for the related inspection report Because of ambry and furniture products, product testing report issued by national have stated to the express formaldehyde content, and brand to provide "qualified" finished products inspection report, to prove that its products are qualified. 

5, cabinet hardware accessories Cabinet hardware accessories in the course of the entire cabinet use has played a role can not be ignored, especially at the slippery course of drawer and connecting of bearing, although these are small details. 

but it is a important part of affecting the quality of ambry, hole location and the size of the plate error will cause the error appears on the slippery course to install dimension to cooperate, so that a drawer pull around not smooth or loose, and the condition of small bearing force. 

6, don't only care about the price of the product and design of Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento Can provide high quality after-sale service is usually the sign of factory power, understand the different shelf life time of ambry and spare parts, etc.

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