How to deal with the dirty microwave by Hardwood kitchen cabinets?

In recent years, microwave oven with its innovative features, easy to use features, more and more consumers.

The most important feature is the microwave oven saves time, effort, energy saving, clean, can keep food color, smell, taste, nutrients will not be destroyed.

In addition, the microwave oven can be used to heat cooked food, milk, bread, etc., but also the rapid thaw frozen food.

Although the microwave for ordinary people is not what luxury appliances, and it is moving towards high-tech, multi-direction, but the microwave oven after use must pay attention to clean, or to increase its tightness over time will continue to deteriorate by Hardwood kitchen cabinets, in the end use of the microwave oven cleaning pay attention to what?

Cleaning microwave ovens, you should note the following:

1 clean, note first unplug it.

2 When the microwave oven work, door four weeks may be fog, water droplets, which is a normal phenomenon by Hardwood kitchen cabinets, can be wiped with a soft cloth in a timely manner.

3 microwave oven door seal to keep the clean and smooth to regularly check the bolt of the situation, do not let impurities accumulating them, otherwise the future is difficult to completely clean.

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