Remind you of using warm water several times rather than wiping microwave for the kitchen granite selection

4 because the heat causes the burnt food splatter, use a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent to clean the microwave interior surfaces, front and rear door and door openings, do not use metal brushes clean to avoid scratching.

5 If the microwave oven on the dirt deposited too much, you can use the microwave special containers, bottles of water, a stationary non-rotating manner, heat a few minutes, let the water evaporate moisture stains about the furnace, and then come up with water.

Furnace dirt first with a wet paper towel, dish detergent and then wash the oil completely. Need to remind you that, be sure to use warm water several times more than wiping microwave for the kitchen granite selection , do not let the detergent residue in the furnace, or after heating food, detergent residue will be attached to food.

What a handsome cabinet it is

6 the bottom of the microwave oven scrub should remove turntable, turntable bracket.

Always clean the glass turntable and collar. If the glass turntable and the collar are hot, need to cool before handling for the kitchen granite selection. Turntable and collar after cleaning, remember to reset according to AS. It is specially designed for microwave turntable placed in the correct position before operation. Remove the turntable for cleaning. Never operate the microwave.

7 in a cup of water you can add lemon juice and cook a few minutes on the furnace. Or you can peel orange into the microwave oven to heat 15 to 30 seconds, later you can remove the odor in microwave.

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